Director & Co-founder The Thought Collective

Shiao-Yin started work at 22 as a co-founder/creative director of a digital design start-up in 2000. Sharing a common ambition to address apathy in the younger generation, she left the dot com world to start School of Thought with Tong Yee and Elizabeth Kon in 2002. Together, the trio lead a group of social businesses known as The Thought Collective whose mission is to build up the social and emotional capital of their city. They create strategic media, events and programmes that facilitate cross-sector conversations for the common good.

Outside of the Collective, she served the public sector twice as a Nominated Member of Parliament in the 12th and 13th Parliament of Singapore. Sharing her insights into the emotional and narrative roots of change, she also helps the boards and committees she sits on strategically shape their approach to developing youth talent (SCAPE*), nurturing cross-cultural harmony (, strengthening national identity (Founder’s Memorial Committee) and encouraging cultural appreciation (Lienfung’s Colloquium).

A Fellow of the 2014 Praxis Business Accelerator Programme, Shiao-Yin has benefited from seasoned mentors like Nancy Duarte of Duarte Design and Steven Garber of The Washington Institute. Through organisations like Singapore International Foundation and National Youth Council, she shares her experiences and insights with young local and regional social entrepreneurs and innovators.

Shiao-Yin believes in helping young people realise their capacity to impact their culture and community through a thoughtful and compassionate approach to work. She speaks regularly on innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity, resilience and the power of personal story.